Band Booster Contacts




Band Booster Leadership Positions


Booster Board:

BandDirector                        ToddSmith                    band office 843-820-4033

President:                               ChrystalLedbetter                  843-814-1364,

Vice President:                      Susan Hund (seniorparent)        843-270-019, 

Vice president elect:               Chrissy Kelley                        843-818-8573

Treasurer:                             Doris Mungin                          843-478-2340    

Secretary:                              Valerie Miller (seniorparent)    843-607-6437,

Secretary elect:                      Lisa Rzoska                            843-607-2593


Booster Leaders and Coordinators:           

Co-Volunteer                          Anita Iliff (seniorparent)           843-817-2856,

                                                Chris Petty                              843-412-6259,

Fundraising                             StacyWest (seniorparent)         Stacy West 843-343-9598

Fundraising elect                    Chris Petty                              843-412-6259,

Concessions                            Wendy Edgin                          843-813-4105,

                                                Shawn Edgin                          843-276-5953,

Concessions elect:

Concessions Lead                   Melanie Blackwell                  843-743-8378

Concessions Purchaser:           Chrissy Kelley                        843-818-8573

Coke Purchaser:                      AndyHilton (senior parent)                              

Vicky Mook (senior parent)       843-499-5404

Concessions Volunteers          Stacey Ingraham                     843-813-4877

Props and Travel:                    SamBennet                            843-826-1077

Props                           Steve Davis                             843-412-6603

Pit Master:                  Don Petty                                843-412-6260


Welcome to the Stratford Bands program! We trust that your student and your entire family will have an awesome experience in the upcoming  school year!

The purpose of this communication is to help answer some frequently asked questions that new parents often pose. Being new to the program can be overwhelming and a bit daunting since there are so many facets to the Stratford Bands program.

  • The very first and most valuable advice that we "weathered" parents can give you is: "Become involved, join the Booster Club, and attend meetings faithfully so that you are fully aware of the many activities going on in the program.
  • The Booster Club is an organization made up of parents, family members, and community members, whose sole purpose is to financially and physically support the Stratford Bands programs through revenue generation and volunteerism. Without financial support, the band program will be unable to function and provide the many activities it does for our students. Without parents helping to support the marching show, as well as the concert bands, (For example: Moving equipment, helping to produce props, chaperoning, and serving on committees) the show, both marching and concert, will not go on. It will be non-existent. We all know, "The Show MUST go on!"
  • Booster meetings are held monthly, typically on the second Monday night at 6:30 pm in the Stratford HS Band Room. It is at these meetings that MUCH of the information you will need to be aware of is discussed. At these meetings upcoming band activities, volunteer opportunities, and business affecting your student and the Booster Club will be reviewed.
  • For up to the minute updates, make sure that you access our website at Please click on the word "Register" on the right hand side of the page where you see No account yet? Register. This will allow you to log in and view information that is secured to protect our children. There you will find blogs from the students, a calendar with activities, pictures, and more in depth information. This is one of the most valuable communication tools available for up to date information, but you must go to the site and log in to get that info. If you run into any problems e-mail
  • There is no cost to the parent/student for the uniform coat/hat/plume. Each student will be required to purchase marching shoes.  A company will come to the school and measure/provide information to your student during the first three to four weeks of school.
  • Band Booster Club officers and their contact numbers are listed on the website. Please do not hesitate to contact one of us if you have questions or if you have a need to talk with one of us.

Again, welcome to the Stratford Bands program. We are excited about the upcoming year and are looking forward to working alongside you as we support our children and afford them the opportunity of a lifetime. The more that you become involved with and interact with the program, the more your child and you will benefit. You will have the opportunity over this next year to forge friendships that will last a lifetime. We truly become a Band Family!



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