Who Can Join?
Any member of the community who wishes to further the accomplishments of Stratford Bands by supporting the Boosters.

How Much Does it Cost?
Band Booster is free to the parents of our band students.

When Can I Join?
Any time and at any band event.

Why Should I Join?
Membership allows you the opportunity to vote on all motions and hold office.

It's not all business. We often have door prizes at the meetings and it is a good time to catch up on the latest in the many Stratford band programs. With a program the size of Stratford Bands, it takes many hands to accomplish work behind the scenes. We encourage all band parents to attend the booster meetings regardless of membership.  The meetings serve as a good place to share ideas and volunteer your talents to help the band programs.

When are Board Meetings Held?

The Board Meeting is typically held the first Monday night of each month. Committees report to the board on the activities and progress on projects.

When Are General Meetings Held?
The General Meeting is usually held the second Monday of each month and are open to the public.

Booster Club events are posted regularly on the website calendar.


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