The Band Boosters provide concessions for all varsity and jr. varsity home games. Our primary goal is to provide excellent food service to Stratford's guests and to the Stratford Band. We do so only through the many volunteers that help out at the games. As a major fundraiser, secondly, we apply the profits from our concession sales to funding the Stratford Band Programs.

To get involved, we provide opportunities to sign up at the general booster meetings or you may call-email any of the Concessions Contacts .

Annually,  we have a concessions orientation before school starts to give volunteers an opportunity to see behind the scenes and meet other concessionaires.  At this one, dinner is provided!!

The concessions volunteers are also responsible for supporting the bands at competitions, special events and summer band camp.

Band Concession Handbook (pdf)


The boosters operate two concessions facilities:

Main Concessions at the Main Gate

 Band Concession Handbook (1)
 Concessions Staff Assignments 

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